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Principle Designer

Wayne Loh brings to the table a wealth of experience as an accomplished interior designer. Wayne has worked in interior projects from Asia to the Middle East, in such diverse areas as residential, retail and hospitality projects. Wayne has a very personal vision to his designs, creating environments that are sophisticated and luxurious, while at the same time, elegant and understated. With a keen eye for detail, balance and harmony, Wayne has an innate ability to visualize each design before construction. Wayne's devotion to his work and his personal touch in each and every project has secured the loyalty of an elite clientele worldwide. 

An alumni of the National University of Singapore and Trinity College of London, Wayne earned his Bachelor Degrees in Biochemistry and Music, and commenced his professional career as a jewelry designer for a luxury brand prior to venturing into Interior Design. In 2001, he founded W&LUCA Design, a specialist in retail and commercial design. In 2010, he co-founded WAL ASSOCIATES and began a new phase of his design career, specializing in luxury residential and hospitality interior architecture and design.

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