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WAL Associates is a Singapore-based interior architecture and design practice working in Asia and serving an elite international clientele. We provide turnkey services focused on precise effort and fine detail. Our team of in-house interior designers, architects and project managers ensures each project is delivered on time. An extensive network of experts and artisans further streamlines the design, renovation, and construction process to deliver results that embrace style, comfort and the distinctive personality of our clients.


WAL Associates collaborates with and in some cases, are the global representatives of renowned manufacturers as Ralph Lauren Home, Baker, Huges Chevalier, Century Furniture, Fine Art Lamps, Manooi, Corbett, Kravat and L’Opificio. We also design and create exclusively handcrafted one-of-a-kind custom furniture and lightings for our clients. We invite clients to experience and visualize firsthand the scale, proportion, craftsmanship, materials, and detail that define each of our projects.


Whether designing the façade of a home, determining the spatial use of an interior, specifying materials and systems for new construction, defining furnishings, or adding distinctive decorative elements, WAL Associates envisions comprehensive projects and advances them to completion on all fronts. Great design, whether in new construction or renovation, demands that creativity, oversight, and technology work together.




Our Services:


Interior Design Consultancy

Interior Design & Build

Contract Supplier

Custom Lighting Design

Custom Furniture Design

Custom Carpet Design


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